A proven track record of quality service is a prerequisite for success in the containership business. Our reputation for excellence in the area of customer service has been built over more than three decades committed to being “best in class.” Our strategy is wide-ranging and stringently applied both on-shore and at-sea.

Award Winning Shipping

On December 7, 2012, Danaos received the "Ship of the Year" award at the Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards 2012. The prize was awarded for the Hyundai Ambition, a 13,100 TEU containership built at Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries and delivered on June 29, 2012. The Hyundai Ambition is the last of a series of five 13,100 TEU containerships delivered to Danaos in 2012 and chartered to Hyundai Merchant Marine for 12 years. 

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The vessel is fitted with an electronically controlled main engine in compliance with Tier II International Maritime Organization ("IMO") nitrogen oxides ("NOx") emissions standards and the phase ("EEDI") equipped with turbocharger cut-out measures, and is capable of super slow steaming down to 10% of maximum engine load. It is equipped with an advanced performance monitoring system with on line analysis for power measurement and multi-stations alarm monitoring controls. The vessel has undergone extensive trim optimization tests to enhance its performance and is coated with the latest silyl SPC coatings.

Technology leadership

We take pride in the pioneering role we, along with our affiliates, have played in developing technological platforms that serve not just us, but many significant industry participants. Our commitment to technology is focused on the efficiency of our fleet, the safety of our crews, and strict adherence to environmental laws and regulations. Our affiliate, Danaos Management Consultants is widely regarded as an innovator in the industry and has developed countless design and software solutions that have benefited Danaos Corporation

38 Energy Efficiency Improvements have been Investigated

Danaos and its affiliates have placed an emphasis on research and development aimed at developing advanced tools to monitor and optimize fuel efficiency, emissions control, energy management and bunkers control. The above tools incorporate Danaos’ 43 years’ experience and technical expertise. In addition to the initiatives described above, the implementation of an online data acquisition and processing platform to provide accurate and real-time control of vessels’ operational parameters will help Danaos maintain its edge in technology.

Fire fighting field training exercise

Customized in-house and external training

In order to ensure that our fleet is operated by qualified, competent and medically fit seafarers who can perform their duties efficiently, safely and reliably, we have developed specific procedures for the recruitment and training of both on-board and on-shore personnel, in accordance with national and international requirements. Specific areas of training include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental policy
  • Operational monitoring
  • Contingency procedures
  • Cross-training of personnel
  • Multi-cultural crew management
  • Rules, regulations, and codes
  • Safety & pollution prevention
  • Industry trend awareness
  • Continuing education
  • Personal skills and capabilities

Our manager, Danaos Shipping, conducts ongoing training needs analysis to determine the training needs of both onshore and onboard personnel. Computer-based training programs ensure that our manager’s employees are consistently evaluated and retrained as needed.

The training is targeted towards the specific needs of our crews and office employees and therefore generally employs seminars and training systems (e.g. "Know-Your-Vessel" program) that Danaos Shipping has developed in-house.



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