Danaos Corporation best practices comply in every respect with international shipping laws and guidelines. This includes best practices in ship operation and working environment, prevention of injury or loss of life, safeguards against all identified risks to ship, cargo and environment, readiness for emergencies, minimized environmental impact, and on-going development of safety management skills both ashore and on board.

ISM Certification

Shipping is an inherently hazardous activity. The United Nations agency International Maritime Organization implements international regulations designed to improve safety at sea while reducing pollution from ships.

The IMO’s International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (“SOLAS”), together with the International Management Code (“ISM Code”) for the Safe Operations of Ships and Pollution Prevention (“SOPS”) set forth the framework for effective maritime safety in the late 1990s.

While not mandatory until 2002, Danaos achieved compliance with the ISM Code in 1995. It was the first Greek company to be certified by Det Norske Veritas (“DNV”), considered one of the most stringent of classification societies.

Danaos’ operations around the world have been audited by DNV and successfully assessed as complying with the IMO Code for SOPS.

Danaos Corporation has been the recipient of numerous safety awards including, but not limited to the Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue (“AMVER”) Awards.

Danaos has been presented the AMVER AWARD by the United States Coast Guard on an annual basis:

  • 32 vessels of Danaos in 2009
  • 37 vessels of Danaos in 2010
  • 39 vessels of Danaos in 2011
  • 54 vessels of Danaos in 2012
  • 58 vessels of Danaos in 2013


Danaos Corporation implements a hands-on management system on board every vessel, detailed in the Ship Security Plan (“SSP”). Measures stipulated in the SSP are designed to prevent any unlawful act likely to jeopardize the safety and security of persons, property and environment.

Masters and Security Officers have the support needed to carry out their duties as required by SOLAS. All officers and ratings are responsible for ensuring that the SSP is effectively applied. In addition, visitors, inspectors, suppliers, and any third party seeking to board the ship, are also required to comply with the SSP.

Our secure working environment entails:
  • Safeguards for passengers and crew
  • Procedures to protect ports and the community at large
  • Contingency measures in the event of a security breach
  • Comprehensive training
  • Active promotion of security awareness among personnel both ashore and on-board
  • Regular documented interviews, internal audits and security assessments
  • Ongoing review and update of company security policy and measures



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