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February 5, 2016

Danaos is one of the world’s largest independent owners of containerships.

Danaos Corporation is one of the largest independent owners of modern, large-size containerships. We charter our containerships on long-term contracts at fixed rates to many of the world's largest liner companies.

Our distinct edge in advanced shipping technology and long track record of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility has helped us forge lasting relationships with our customers.

Our conservative and disciplined approach to fleet growth has positioned us to exploit market opportunities during periods of low ship prices and reduced demand.


Established in 1972 by Dimitris Coustas

Danaos has a long history of operating and investing in the shipping industry. Since 1993, when Dr. John Coustas assumed leadership of the company, our fleet has grown from three multi-purpose vessels to a focused fleet of 56 containerships with a carrying capacity of 334,239 TEU. Learn more..

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Conservative and disciplined approach to fleet management


Danaos completed an extensive newbuilding program in 2012 and has since consolidated and optimized its fleet.

Nine older vessels were sold in 2013 and an additional five were sold in 2014. Six vessels with an average age of < 10 years were purchased in 2013 and 2014. The average age of our current fleet is 6.4 years.


We have dramatically reduced the age or our fleet over the last 5 years, resulting in a modern, efficient fleet.

Our modern fleet and industry-leading reputation for technological leadership and operational excellence has allowed us to maintain longstanding relationships the world’s largest liner companies.


Danaos’ high charter coverage protects the company’s free cash flow and limits market risk.

Our fleet is contracted on long-term fixed rate charters, a strategy we have employed since the early 1990s. This has allowed us to sustain cyclical lows and positioned us to opportunistically expand our fleet.


Our fleet is contracted to a diverse group of the world’s leading liner companies

These relationships are built over decades and are predicated on our efficiency, reliability, and commitment to customer service.